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Mation Smart Eco Home consists of a wireless infrastructure Mation Gateway and the following IOT modules:


Audio Visual IOT

MATION has invested considerable resources to propel the “traditional home theatre system” …More


Climate IOT

MATION Apps is able to interface with the air conditioner’s infrared (IR) sensor wirelessly… More


Eco Energy IOT

MATION Smart Eco Home allows any home owner to track the power usage of any household appliance… More


LED Lighting IOT

An extensive study around the world reveals that an array of colourful lighting masterfully managed produces fascinating effects… More


Security & Safety IOT

MATION sensors will alert if there’s any door or window opened. This form of monitoring can be done anytime and from anywhere… More



Mation is compatible on all Android operating system

MATION solution is IOT based.   There are two ingredients that allowed IOT-based automation to take off in the technology world.  Firstly, it’s the evolution of internet and mobile broadband.  If you have a smartphone with a data plan, you are half way there.  Secondly, there is the “radio” to connect devices.  These include Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee…etc., and the good news is that they are becoming more affordable and smaller in size.

*The total number of devices is limited by the gateway of the ecosystem in order to ensure no overloading on the system

** This is only applicable to the first time when users open the box and all devices within the box. Any subsequent additions will require assistance from the installer and charges are payable

*** Additional devices or protocol may be required

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