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Audio/Visual IOT

MATION has invested considerable resources to propel the “traditional home theatre system” to a whole new level. This will bring the experience of a live concert or a cineplex cinema right into your living room. This has never being achieved before – not even by high-end home theatre systems.  With a collective experience of more than a hundred years in the audio visual (AV) industry, MATION has managed to achieve this, working in collaboration with a European company to develop a state-of-the-art multi-channel amplifier system.

This multi-channel amplifier is one of the key elements of the AV module. It equips theindividual audio channel with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) sound effects.This allows you to manage the sound effect of every individual speaker within the system to suit the characteristics of the output source. This is unlike any other audio video receiver in the market – all of which are restricted to a dual channel DSP for the entire 5.1 speaker system. This is how one can truly enjoy a concert hall or cineplex experience right in the comfort of your home. Importantly, MATION has done this in a most cost-effective manner to enable this to be enjoyed by many.

MATION has further incorporated M-Cloud in the AV solution.This caters for today’s lifestyle whereby every family member can individually or collectively access files of songs, photographs and videos. Thus, while an individual can do this personally in his/her bedroom, he/she can also do it in the communal areas. Imagine the joy of sharing and reminiscing over a previous vacation or family celebration. This will be such a key tool for family bonding.

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