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With the advent of the internet and smart phone technology, more and more people are looking towards home automation systems. MATION has invested considerable resources in R&D of MATION Smart Eco Home system by utilising cutting edge IT and smartphone technologies in 4 areas, namely:


  • To watch Blu-ray movies with MATION multi-channel amplifier to deliver HD sound quality
  • To pipe music from the internet using MATION M-Cloud service
  • To listen to your personal compilation of downloaded digital music or from your CD collection
  • To upload photos to M-Cloud for family sharing and storage


  • To control lighting with MATION Tablet that connects wirelessly to the lighting controller
  • To control the switching on and off of home appliances such as rice cooker‚ coffee machine and washing machine
  • To control the room temperature by sense and MATION Tablet without using the air-con remote control
  • To monitor power usage by individual appliance thereby cutting down unnecessary usage and leading to reduced power bills

Safety and Security

  • To monitor the open and close of doors and windows by wireless sensors
  • To use mobile phones for monitoring of images captured by video cameras
  • To control main door lock wirelessly
  • To monitor water leakage in areas where you may need to shut off the valve to cut off water supply

Environmental-friendly Smart Home

  • To monitor the real time power consumption of each appliance providing both snapshot and accumulated kWh reading
  • To remotely switch on or off electrical appliances
  • To enable savings in electricity bill by providing energy consumption information of each appliance preventing unnecessary wastage of electricity. In the advent of tiered electricity charges‚ MATION Smart Eco Home is able to help homeowners save by running their appliances at the cheaper tariff rate

The Internet of Things (IOT) describes the connection of devices via the internet, hence enabling the transfer of data within the network.  Some of these devices connect directly (via the router) while others connect via the cloud (a server located somewhere else) and back to one’s home. 

The benefit of IOT devices in the home is that they allow you to control and connect with your home systems both at home and remotely.  With IOT, you can now check your smartphone to see who’s ringing your front doorbell or turn on your heater / air-conditioner before you arrive home.

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