The Unified Architecture Platform

MATION is a unified architecture platform for IoT that facilitates the interaction between people, devices, businesses, and platforms.

We have invested years of research with substantial investment to bring forth this platform for our partners to leverage on.

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We offer a platform that enables you to thrive in the IoT marketplace

MATION Platform – the North Star of IoT

Since year 2010 till now, we have spent years of research to develop and finetune the IoT framework that best meets the needs of our partners.


We believe that as the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, and coupled with the emerging 5G that promises a more IoT-friendly ecosystem, this is the opportune time to adopt IoT solutions.


Not only does MATION offer an IoT framework that connects all the dots and integrates all IoT devices into a single solution, we also perform the last-mile delivery of the solution.

Our Mission and Vision


To make our daily lives simple with IoT.
To ease deployment of IoT solutions anywhere, everywhere.
To unlock cities’ potential to become smart cities.

Industry 4.0 Awaits. MATIONize Now!

To unlock cities’ potential to become smart cities

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