The Unified Architecture Platform

MATION is a unified architecture platform for IoT that facilitates the interaction between people, devices, businesses, and platforms.

We have invested years of research with substantial investment to bring forth this platform for our partners to leverage on.

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MATION Wellness

Transforming Healthcare through Connected Monitoring
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Experience Comprehensive Health Management with Mation Wellness

Discover Mation Wellness, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize healthcare through continuous monitoring, clinical alerts, digital therapeutics, telemedicine, seamless EHR integration, and personalized wellness coaching. Empower patients and providers to achieve better health outcomes with our advanced IoT-based platform.

Continuous Monitoring for Chronic Conditions

Mation Wellness leverages loT devices to provide continuous health monitoring for patients with chronic conditions. This enables early detection of potential issues and timely interventions, empowering patients and healthcare providers to effectively manage chronic conditions and improve overall quality of life.

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Swift Response with Clinical Alerts

Mation Wellness’s clinical alert system ensures healthcare providers stay informed about critical changes in patients’ health indicators. By delivering real-time notifications, our platform enables swift responses to potential issues, ultimately improving the quality of care and patient safety.

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Digital Therapeutics for Improved Health Outcomes

Mation Wellness offers digital therapeutic tools to help patients manage their chronic conditions and achieve better health outcomes. By providing personalized recommendations, educational resources, and data-driven insights, our platform empowers patients to take control of their health through making informed decision when dealing with clinicians and reduce reliance on costly interventions.

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Telemedicine for Accessible Care

Mation Wellness integrates telemedicine capabilities to provide accessible care for patients in remote or under-served areas. By connecting patients with healthcare providers remotely, our platform reduces healthcare disparities, enhances patient engagement, and improves the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

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Seamless Integration with Electronic Health Records

Mation Wellness seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), streamlining data sharing and care coordination. This comprehensive approach to patient information management leads to improved patient outcomes, better collaboration among healthcare teams, and increased efficiency within the healthcare system. It is HL7 FLIR compliance as well.

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Personalized Wellness Coaching

Mation Wellness offers tailored wellness coaching, focusing on resilience and stress management, to support individuals on their journey towards improved well-being. By utilizing a data-driven approach, our platform provides a tailored wellness strategy, provides engaging resources, and tracks progress, empowering patients to take control of their health and thrive through physiological intervention. A holistic approach is adopted as we work with other clinicians and physician in our Mation ecosystem.

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MATION Wellness - Take The Holistic Approach In Managing Your Health

Embrace the future of healthcare with Mation Wellness, a comprehensive solution that
empowers patients and providers to take control of their health journey. Contact us today to
learn more about our innovative platform and how it can benefit you and your organization.

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