The Unified Architecture Platform

MATION is a unified architecture platform for IoT that facilitates the interaction between people, devices, businesses, and platforms.

We have invested years of research with substantial investment to bring forth this platform for our partners to leverage on.

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Who's On First —IoT & Smart Systems Platform Assessment After displaying signs of relative indifference for so many years, traditional IT systems, enterprise software, telecom and network equipment players have finally awakened over the last few years. Meanwhile, the world of Smart Systems and Services has continued to evolve, particularly in the emergent software player communities serving this opportunity. In this new cycle, physical assets and devices are...

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A VAST, UNIFIED INDUSTRIAL-TECHNOLOGY SECTOR If we reanimated a cryogenically frozen person from 1999, the most surprising thing about the world of 2019 might be what has happened to manufactured things. A realm of tiny, low-cost digital components and communications interfaces has made virtually every physical product part of a vast, unified industrial-technology sector. Competitive advantages resulting from previous generations of technology dominance—such as chemical-based imaging/film...

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For quite a few years now on what we call “Smart Systems”—the convergence of pervasive or embedded computing with the packet-switching “network of networks” called the Internet. These days, many people refer to this phenomenon as “the Internet of Things.” We prefer “Smart Systems” over other terms in common use—notably “M2M,” which usually stands for “machine-to-machine”—because it captures the profound enormity of the phenomenon – something...

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