The Unified Architecture Platform

MATION is a unified architecture platform for IoT that facilitates the interaction between people, devices, businesses, and platforms.

We have invested years of research with substantial investment to bring forth this platform for our partners to leverage on.

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Any business that seeks to be relevant in the technology economy

MATION Partners Promise

MATION aims to let anyone to be a successful player in the IoT space.

Ready for Industry 4.0 with MATION

MATION envisions that the next 15 years will be the age of technology economy. We have henceforth invested years of research to develop the MATION platform for partners to leverage on.


Is MATION Platform a must-have?

We believe MATION is the only holistic solution provider that offers a platform that integrates all IoT hardware devices (including those of our competitors!)

MATION delivers

Not only do we provide the IoT platform, we are one of the few players who deliver the last-mile integration works.


Also, depending on your needs, we can offer a Solution-as-a-Service arrangement that allows you to pay a monthly fee for the entire solution.  As the solution is scalable, you can consider making adjustments at a later stage when the need arises.

MATION - Unified Architecture Platform

Our platform facilitates interoperability in IoT. With unified architecture, it enables our partners to develop their very own IoT solutions in a breeze.

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